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Introducing the Sam Posey Limited Edition
Performance Plus Handling Holman & Moody Mustang.

This is the best handling Street/Track Mustang being produced.
Track tested at Lime Rock, this Mustang achieved 1.23+ Gs of side load on street Bridgestone Potenza Sport 3035/30R19 production tires mounted on Ford Performance M-1007K wheels.

The front wheel alignment was set at Ford production caster & camber.

The Holman & Moody handling kit produced 50/50 balance while also reducing the front end push at slower speeds.

Now for the real news!

This special handling package can be installed on all 2015 to 2024 Mustangs even the ones with 

Magneride suspension. This unique design requires no welding, drilling, or modifications of the original chassis

or production Ford parts.The Kit replaces some items like the springs, sway bars, bushings, and such, 

with all of the new parts fitted onto the Ford mounts.

Some production Mustangs may require more parts to be changed, to match the handling we achieved with our Sam Posey Limited Edition. The cost will very based on the customer's Mustang original suspensen options.
Installing the Holman & Moody base kit package will improve the handling 
without the need for new wheels and tires.

The Holman & Moody Kits can be installed by the owner, if they have the tools and know

how too safely change the springs.

Holman & Moody can also install the handling kits at our shop in Charlotte N.C.

and at a few other approved locations.

Pricing is being determined for the base production kit,
and will be announced in the next 30 days.
Please call Holman & Moody at 704 783 2888 to place
an order for the first few kits we will have in August 2024.

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