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Holman & Moody 1956 Ford F100 in 1/24th scale

Holman & Moody 1956 Ford F100 in 1/24th scale

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Proudly presenting a true piece of automotive history, the Holman & Moody 1956 Ford F100 Shop Truck, scaled down to 1/24th size by the master craftsmen at M2 Machines. This highly detailed, diecast model recreates an instrumental vehicle of the esteemed our day-to-day operations during that time.


The 1956 Ford F100 is renowned for its rugged reliability and classic design. This was the workhorse that could always be found bustling around the Holman & Moody garage, running errands, delivering parts, and helping to keep the motorsport legends running smoothly.


Crafted with an eye for accuracy and detail, M2 Machines has ensured this replica showcases the truck in its full glory. Key features include the authentically reproduced Ford V8 engine, an accurate and detailed interior, and a beautiful rendition of the Holman & Moody team livery.


Historical Context:

Founded in the late 1950s, Holman & Moody quickly rose to prominence as Ford's official racing contractor, carving their name in motorsport history by building, preparing, and racing top-tier cars in various disciplines. The 1956 Ford F100 was an essential asset to our operations, acting as the backbone of our transport and logistics for the race teams.


The Holman & Moody 1956 Ford F100 Shop Truck is a symbol of the blood, sweat, and tears poured into the creation and maintenance of some of the world's fastest race cars.  M2 Machines, known for their exceptional diecast models, has created this 1/24th scale model, capturing the charm and historical significance of this industrious vehicle.


This Holman & Moody 1956 Ford F100 Shop Truck by M2 Machines is an indispensable addition for diecast collectors, Holman & Moody fans, and lovers of classic automotive history. Capture a moment from the golden age of racing with this intricately detailed model.

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