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Holman Moody 1970 Ford Ramp Truck

Holman Moody 1970 Ford Ramp Truck

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Introducing a meticulous reproduction of a notable vehicle from racing history - the Holman Moody 1970 Ford Ramp Truck in 1/18th scale, commissioned by us, and skillfully crafted by ACME Diecast. A distinctive model of an iconic transporter, this precision-crafted replica showcases the immense attention to detail and accuracy that has earned ACME a well-deserved reputation in the diecast model community.


The 1970 Ford Ramp Truck was a crucial component of Holman Moody's operations during the glory years of motorsport. It served as a dependable workhorse, transporting the team's race cars to and from the circuits all over North America. Its tough build quality, ample hauling capability, and robust engine made it a valued asset to the Holman Moody team.


ACME has brought this vital piece of racing history to life with amazing detail. This model features a functional ramp, accurate interior cabin detailing, a replicated Ford V8 engine under the hood, and our Holman Moody signature team livery.


Historical Context:

Holman Moody was the official racing contractor for Ford between 1957 and 1972.  During that time, we were known for our technical expertise and innovation, we manufactured, prepared, and raced cars in a variety of motorsport disciplines. The 1970 Ford Ramp Truck was a cornerstone of our logistics during this time, ensuring our cars were where they needed to be for every race.


The production of this specific model pays homage to a vital, though often overlooked aspect of motorsport history - the transporters. While race cars get all the glamour and attention, without a reliable and sturdy transport system like the Ford Ramp Truck, the spectacle of racing as we know it wouldn't be possible. The 1/18th scale model, produced by ACME, is a tribute to this unsung hero of the race days.


Whether you are a diecast collector, a motorsport enthusiast, or a fan of automotive history, this Holman Moody 1970 Ford Ramp Truck by ACME is a must-have piece for your collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own a beautifully crafted representation of a remarkable piece of racing history.

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