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Holman Moody / Competition Proven(tm) Shop Equipment 1:18 Scale

Holman Moody / Competition Proven(tm) Shop Equipment 1:18 Scale

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We are excited to share with you a special offering that brings a touch of the Holman Moody workshop into your home or collection - our 1/18th scale Holman Moody / Competition Proven™ Shop Equipment, recreated by the prestigious ACME Diecast.


The essence of Holman Moody has always been in the workshop. This is where we transformed ordinary vehicles into racing champions. The equipment we used, from the freestanding compressor to the rolling arc welder, was as much a part of our success as the cars and drivers themselves.


This 1/18th scale set includes replicas of the free-standing compressor, an engine on an engine stand, a rolling arc welder, toolboxes, a rolling battery jump/charger, and a torch with gas tanks. Each piece is crafted to replicate the actual shop equipment we've used to tune, modify, and repair our race cars over the decades.


Historical Context:

Founded in the mid-1950s by John Holman and Ralph Moody, Holman Moody became an iconic name in the world of motorsports. The duo was instrumental in shaping the future of NASCAR and the Ford racing program. To commemorate the contributions of Holman Moody to the world of racing, ACME Diecast, a renowned name in the diecast collectibles world, created this shop set.


This 1:18 scale set is a tribute to the golden era of racing and the intricate work that went into creating these legendary machines.  This was the equipment that powered our operations, that helped us in building and maintaining the cars that tore down tracks and shattered records.


This equipment was, and still is, an integral part of our story. Having these pieces represented in this set provides a glimpse into what it was like in the Holman Moody garage during those halcyon days of racing.


For fans of Holman & Moody, diecast collectors, or anyone with a love for the behind-the-scenes aspects of racing, this 1/18th scale Holman Moody / Competition Proven™ Shop Equipment set is a must-have. This set isn't just a collection of miniatures; it's a tangible connection to our rich history and the relentless spirit of motorsport innovation that we embody at Holman Moody.

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