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Holman Moody A/FX 652 Drag Racing Mustang

Holman Moody A/FX 652 Drag Racing Mustang

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It is with great pride that we bring to you a piece of motorsport history, the Holman Moody 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback A/FX 652.  This drag racing powerhouse, a legendary figure in the Factory Experimental (A/FX) class, has been faithfully recreated in 1/18th scale by the precision craftsmen at Apex Replicas.


The Mustang Fastback A/FX 652 is a testament to the brilliance of Holman Moody's design and tuning expertise. It is equipped with the exceptional 427 SOHC engine, boasting immense power and torque.


Apex Replicas has reproduced this historic race car with an unwavering dedication to authenticity, from the intricate detailing of the V8 powerhouse under the hood, the classic Holman Moody livery, to the period-correct altered wheelbase chassis that marked this car as a true A/FX contender.


Historical Context:

In 1965, Holman Moody embarked on an ambitious project to push the boundaries of drag racing. Their target was the Factory Experimental (A/FX) class, a hotbed of innovation and performance. Holman Moody built 10 altered wheelbase A/FX Mustang Fastbacks, specially modified to bring Ford to the forefront of this cutting-edge drag racing category.


Eight of these 10 machines were powered by the monstrous 427 SOHC (single overhead cam) engines. This motor, often referred to as the "Cammer," was a high-performance, racing-specific power plant that was renowned for its horsepower potential. The remaining two cars were fitted with the 427 Hi-Risers, another high-performance engine that had already made its mark in drag racing.


The A/FX Mustangs were wildly successful, with their performance on the strip proving the potency of Ford's and Holman Moody's engineering prowess. They served as Ford's contenders in a thrilling era of drag racing, where factory-backed teams pushed the limits of speed and technology.


This 1/18th scale replica of the A/FX 652 is an essential addition to the collection of any drag racing aficionado or diecast model enthusiast.  This beautifully rendered model allows you to own a piece of the incredible legacy of Holman Moody's contributions to motorsport history.

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